In this LAB, we have two servers; both of them have windows server 2019 installed. We will Install the File Server Role and iSCSI target in the server with IP; then, we will create the iSCSI disk and iSCSI target.

After creating the iSCSI Disk and iSCSI target in, we will run the iSCSI initiator in the server In the iSCSI initiator, we will add the IP of iSCSI target and choose “quick connect”, the iSCSI disk will be connected and appear in the Disk Management. The following snapshots will display every step. In the iSCSI target, we will add the server’s IP that needed to be connected to the iSCSI disk.

In this lab, we have only one server connected to the created iSCSI disk, the server with IP 192.1681.201.

Go to to configure the iSCSI target and create an iSCSI disk:

Now go to run Server Manager Tools > iSCSI initiator.

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