VMware vCenter Server Appliance 7 GUI installation Step by Step

This LAB has one ESXi 7 server configured with 16 GB RAM and 4 Cores Processors. ESXi server IP Address is After installing ESXi 7 server we will run the installer “D:\VMware-VCSA-all-7.0.0-16749653\vcsa-ui-installer\win32\installer.exe” which resides in the “VMware-VCSA-all-7.0.0-16749653” folder, then we follow the wizard.

Download vCenter Appliance:

Download the vCenter Server appliance ISO image From the VMware Web site at https://my.vmware.com/web/vmware/downloads, 2. Mount the ISO image to the client machine you want to deploy, upgrade, migrate, or restore the appliance.  

Hardware Requirements:

For Tiny environment (up to 10 hosts or 100 virtual machines) :
Processor: 2 Cores
Memory: 12 GB
Hard Disk: 415 GB

Network Requirement:

If you plan to assign a static IP address and an FQDN as a system name in the appliance’s network settings, verify that you have configured the forward and reverse DNS records for the IP address.

Time Synchronization Requirements:

1. Verify that NTP servers are running, and the time between the NTP servers and the target ESXi server where you want to deploy the vCenter appliance is synchronized.

2. If there is any time synchronization problem, the deployment will fail; all components on the vSphere network have their clocks synchronized. Suppose the clocks on the physical machines in your vSphere network are not synchronized. In that case, SSL certificates and SAML Tokens, which are time-sensitive, might not be recognized as valid in communications between network machines.